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Friday, January 06, 2006
nfl playoff predictions
Quick and dirty playoff predictions, because I had some serious internet problems today. I should note that you if you are a gambling man/woman, you should bet against everything I say. I have been so completely off in football this year, it’s downright sad. My Eagles are terrible, and in my two fantasy football leagues I finished 10 out of 12 and 8 out of 10 (thank you to Daunte Culpepper, Ahman Green, Aaron Brooks, and Carnell Williams for going MIA in the middle of the season).

Anyway, here goes.


(6) Washington over (3) TAMPA BAY
(5) Carolina over (4) NEW YORK

I have no faith in the Giants with the way they’ve been playing over the last few games and I have a lot of faith in Washington. Assuming Carolina shows up (which they occasionally fail to do), I see both road teams advancing.

(4) NEW ENGLAND over (5) Jacksonville
(6) Pittsburgh over (3) CINCINNATI

Tom Brady at home vs. Byron Leftwich on the road? Hmmm…let me think about that. Cincy was a playoff darling just a few weeks ago but have serious issues. I go with the Steelers.

So if you’re keeping score, that’s three road winners and the six seed advancing in both conferences. I don’t know why I don’t work for ESPN.


(1) SEATTLE over (6)Washington
(5) Carolina over (2) CHICAGO

Seattle is tough and will end a nice year for Joe Gibbs and Co. Again, I’m going to assume that Carolina brings it. If they do, I see them beating the Bears. But again, nice run by Chicago this year. Nothing to be ashamed about.

(1) INDIANAPOLIS over (6) Pittsburgh
(2) DENVER over (4) New England

Nobody beats Indy. Denver/NE is a great game, but I have to go with Denver at home.


SEATTLE over Carolina

Seattle and Indy are and have been the cream of the crop in their divisions all season long, and that doesn’t change in the playoffs.

Indy over Seattle

It’s gotta be the year for Indy, right? This is the best shot they’ve ever had, with the best team they’ve ever had, and their fucking coach’s son killed himself. I don’t see how they could lose.

(Translation: Chicago over Cincy in the Super Bowl)

[Have a good weekend]

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