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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
cold, cold, cold
I just got back to my apartment here in NYC about an hour ago. For the past week, I’ve been traveling around and staying with different family and friends on the Northeast, for no real reason other than restlessness. Today I woke up in Philly, got a ride to a train, which took me to another train, with took me here, to my apartment. The whole process took almost four hours, and all the while I was lugging a giant suitcase and the heaviest laptop computer ever created, a monstrosity that could easily be the bastard son of ENIAC (thanks again Site Guy Brendan for designing this “laptop” for me). In addition to the moving around, the heavy bags, and the long train rides, it is currently 37° and raining here in New York City, meaning that during the last leg of my trip I had to walk in the freezing rain, pulling all my crap with me as I navigated through a sea of Chinese people. Sweet.

When I finally got home, I had one thought: I just want to take a fucking shower. A nice, long hot shower in my home bathroom, with a possible but not necessary masturbation session thrown in. Nothing like a good shower on a cold rainy day to ease the tension. And the beating off helps too.

One problem: no hot water in the apartment. Instead, ice cold water pouring out of the showerhead. I didn’t shower this morning prior to my travels and was just nasty. So in I hopped under the cold water and let me tell you something my friends – you have not lived until you have taken a cold shower on a cold day. Good lord. I had to stop washing my hair halfway through because I thought I was starting to have a seizure. It’s been a half hour since I got out of the shower and I’m still shivering, despite the fact that the heat in my bedroom is kicking at full steam and I’m wrapped up in blankets.

The point? I’m back. And I’m (mostly) safe. And I’ll have more tomorrow. The holidays are over, and it’s finally back to normal. Joy.

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