Everything is wrong with me
Wednesday, September 14, 2005
I know I'm trying to put this issue to bed, but I got this email and couldn't resist putting it on here.
dude, don't listen to the haters. The QLCB theory is sound. Unfortunately there's another angle you overlooked. You forgot the part, the insidious, devilish part, however, where you (or I, because I am weak) tag yourself with a bit of that value you have sunk to. rare is the man, though he exists and I used to know him, who slums it, goes hogging, humps pregnant cattle, etc who turns around the next night and bangs underwear models two at a time.

it's tough to play in the mud without getting just a little stained. the more fat women i have fucked, the more fat women i tend to fuck. it's just the right playpen for me. and i can't leave because after all these years and precious few skinny women, I just know i'm about a 60 (on a good day) and a 70 is a major stretch.

for instance, i haven't fucked a skinny girl in a good two years, even though I've had the chance. i just can't do it. i get too close and i just crumble in the face of this self-imposed caste system. of course, there are plenty of hot women, mostly younger ones who are like 80's or 90's who i could bed, because to them, i'm older, occasionally funny, 'succesful' (as you point out they don't know about the habit of jerking off into a johnnie walker bottle while self-aphyxating with a pair of panties from Big N' Tall), etc and all the qualities that make my relative stock rise. But I know. And I know the last women I fucked could've made Shamu look shapely, and, somehow, that knowledge is deadly.

use a different name if you quote me. i'm dating someone. she is pretty. not skinny.

i enclosed a picture of my friend Brian's wife.

He has never fucked fat women.
I don't know what to add to this, and I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry or quit writing this website, but I wanted to give you an idea of the kind of emails I get. So I'll just throw this one out there and let you all take it in.

[By the way, the picture he sent was of a girl on a beach in a bikini who had a sick (as in "nasty", as in "great") body. Good for Brian.]

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