Everything is wrong with me
Wednesday, June 29, 2005
a taste of my own medicine
----- Original Message -----
From: [name withheld]
To: jason@jasonmulgrew.com
Sent: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 17:54
Subject: random hurtful email

Hey Jason,

Remember when the Eagles didn't win the Superbowl? They were so close. Man, its funny how bad they lost.

- [name withheld]

p.s. to be fair: I'll give you some retaliation points:

-I once threw a record up in the air, didn't move, and let it hit me at rockets speed right in my eye.

-I dated a guy who would sleep with me and make me leave at 4am cause he thought his ex-wife would walk in. mind you, she lived hours away, they'd been divorced for 7 years and I later found out that he actually wanted me to leave so he could sleep on the roof, where the scabbies wouldn't get him. He was a construction worker from Collingswood, NJ, you know how they are there. I still can't hear the name Jim without my feelings getting hurt. He also had an obsession with wanting to smear peanut butter on my vagina and watch as his dogs licked it off. Trust me, I never did it.
Yeah, I got nothing.

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