Everything is wrong with me
Friday, April 15, 2005
Fridays are always my busiest day, and this Friday is no exception. The result: no long post.

And not only that, I'll be out of the office on Monday, so there will be no post Monday either. I know, I know, I'm slacking, but there's that whole "apathy" thing that I've got going on, so I won't lose any sleep tonight. And if you feel the need to be so entertained, drop me an email and for the modest sum of $240 I will come to your home and have awkward conversations with you for a few hours. When you go to the restroom I'll rub my scrotum on household objects. Then when you return, I'll try to kiss you. It will be even more awkward.

In the meantime, have a good weekend, and those in Boston, be sure to enjoy the marathon on Monday. I loved the Marathon when I lived in Boston: a bunch of drunks screaming at people in great shape. What a weird scene.

And wish me luck as I start my apartment hunting this weekend, which entails me walking around desirable neighborhoods with a notebook and cameraphone, taking pictures and notes about apartments I can't afford. Also, there's a good deal of sweating and cursing involved, but I don't need to get too into detail here.

See you Tuesday.

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