Everything is wrong with me
Thursday, March 31, 2005
search words
I am and will most likely continue to be too busy for a proper post today, but rather than give you nothing, some search terms entered into google, yahoo, etc that brought people to this website in the past 24 hours (keep in mind this is just one day's worth of sickos - god I love the internet):

"scott peterson" 1989 band real name brian

freddie mercury was he a homosexual

ex is drinking a lot

how to say fuck me in Russian

no email response love rejection

asian how to grow a beard

fucking a dog on the beach

i was the whore at the bachelor party

std testing for koreans

growing up gotti in bahamas

hungry moose topless

gentlemen's crotch pics

taste of semen

the meaning of "she was asking for it" in terms of sexual harrassment
Love the last one. We should really explore the space on that one. I've made a mental note about this and hope to get a discussion going in the future.

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