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Thursday, February 10, 2005
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I was in two bands in college (well, one and a half: before the second one was able to make its debut, I was unceremoniously thrown out of housing by The Man at Boston College - assholes).

Anyway, it was a good time, and nothing too serious. We played mostly covers, played out at some bars (and thus got free drinks) and kept it simple - definitely something fun I had going over parts of my sophomore and junior years.

It was an interesting dynamic because the band played hard rock (i.e. Tool, Rage, Helmet, Godsmack, etc), something I wasn't really into. The other guys totally dug it, but I'd show up at practice, hear some terrible Rush song, and have to learn the bassline immediately. This could be difficult for me sometimes. Not just because I was drunk at the time, which I most certainly was, and not just because I'm a terrible bass player, which I undoubtedly am, but because I really wasn't into the music, preferring songs like Elvis Costello's "What's So Funny About Peace, Love & Understand?" to Tool's "Stinkfist" (featuring the most poetic line of all time: "I have found some kind of temporary sanity/Shit, blood, and cum on my hands") (Editor's Note: Russell from NYC pointed out that this line is not from "Stinkfist", but from another Tool song which my band also played, the unforgettable "Prison Sex". Russell knows his Tool.)

But still, I have many great memories of the band. We had a lot of fun just getting drunk and breaking stones. For example, Pat, the lead singer, could never remember lyrics. There were times were we'd suggest a new song to cover, and he'd immediately say, "No way - I can't learn all those words." This was a running joke in the band - that Pat had the easiest job (he didn't play any instruments) and yet he couldn't pull it off. Meanwhile, I'd have ten minutes to learn this random Tool song that sounded to me like a mix of loud and pain.

I have a playlist on my iPod that features the forty or so songs we covered when we played. One of them is Pearl Jam's "State Of Love And Trust". A few posts ago, I transcribed what I thought were the lyrics to "Yellow Ledbetter", so I figured I'd give this one a close listen too.

Pat, I'm sorry I ever broke your balls for having to learn lyrics. Because this shit is absolute gibberish. Here's my take on the lyrics to "State Of Love And Trust":

State of love and trust is a
Busted down the preaches
Since then blaze and beaches
But to have an empty cord oh
In a signs a boxing
Grip the wheel can't read it
Sacrifice the sea bed
The smell that's on my hands and dead

And I listen
For the voice inside my head
I'll do this one myself

Lay her down as priestess
Sherpa lord the accountant
We'll be in my honor
Make it pain and painful liquid oh
Promises a whisperin'
In the days of darkness
Want to be enlightened
Like I want to be told the end and her

And the barrel shakes and
Oh directly at my head
Oh help me
Help me from myself

And I listen
For voice I try my bread
I'll do this one myself

[instrumental break]

Hey na na na na hear there's something
Hey na na na na hear there's something
Hey na na na na hear there's something
Want a bag bag bag uh huh uh huh

And I listen
For the voice inside my head
I'll do this one myself

Oh and the barrel way
Take a shit - England in my head
Oh won't you help me
Help me from myself

State of love and trust and uh
State of love and trust and uh
State of love and trust and uh
State of love and...

I dare you to listen to this song and come up with different lyrics. It's not possible. I walked away from songwriting when I finally realized nothing rhymed with "vodka". If I only knew that lyrics didn't matter at all, I would have a gold record by now. Damn it.


Six Songs (Love songs for Valentine's Day):

"When The Circus Comes" Los Lobos
I first heard this song because Phish covered it. I love Phish and all, but Los Lobos does this song much better. Just a group of sad-ass Mexicans singin' and playin' their hearts out. Poor lil' guys - I just want to hug 'em and ask them for a little extra guacamole. No, a little more. OK - that's enough.

"Out To Get You" James
Starts out very slow and quiet but builds to a crescendo. Kinda like making love. Well, not my kinda love-making - when I make love, it's like two apes fighting. And then one of the apes poops. And then they both sleep.

"Hold You In My Arms" Ray Lamontagne
I know I've pimped Ray Lamontagne ad infinitum on this site, but this song is simply amazing. It brings me back so vividly to the spring: I'd listen to it when I left the gym in Soho on B'way and Spring and headed back to my old place in the LES. I know it's a strange song to listen to when leaving the gym, but I needed something to slow down my heart after a workout, which, if you listened closely enough, you could hear screaming, crying, and coughing.

Really though - I can't imagine a woman not immediately putting out if this song were played in the right circumstance (meaning, when I'm not in the room).

"Venus" Air
More ethereal-ambient-cool-wispy music from Air. I sometimes listen to this song when I'm falling asleep, but I have to turn up the volume really high to drown out the sounds of me sobbing and choking on gummie candy. At least it works - I fall asleep every time. Eventually.

"Running To Stand Still" U2
Vintage U2 ("Joshua Tree") from back in the day when Bono was an Irish rocker, before he became Jesus Christ. Again, another rising crescendo and again, apes fighting.

"Untitled (How Does It Feel)" D'Angelo
When I was dating my ex-girlfriend, every Valentine's Day I would ask for the same thing: to make love like really cool/smooth black people. You know what I mean - all sexy and slow, candles lit everywhere, listening to some Freddy Jackson or some jazz or this song. And every year we never did, and now she's dead (to me at least).

Still, I hold out hope that one day, I'll be able to put this song on as my baby girl lays on red silk sheets in sexy-ass lingerie, as I slowly move around the room in tighty-whities, my woolly, corpulent body swaying sexily to the music, sensually eating a hot dog - true seduction before making love. This, as opposed to drinking a fifth of vodka, falling out of a cab, dropping pizza everywhere (which I pick up and eat regardless), before finally jackhammering some poor misguided woman for a solid two to three minutes before falling asleep.

Really, I can't believe I'm single.

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