Everything is wrong with me
Wednesday, January 26, 2005
I planned something special for you guys today, but shortly after I started working on it this morning, I realized that it was gonna be big. I kept at it, trying to get across what I wanted to say and it got bigger still, but without getting any closer to being finished. And now it's 3pm, and I'm staring at a giant post that's only half-way done.

So therefore, knowing that I will not be able to complete what I gots to do to make you all happy, I'm going to use one of my free passes and say that I'll get back at you tomorrow. I hope this doesn't adversely affect our relationship; you must realize that I do this not out of spite, hatred, or jealousy because you can remember the last time you stuck your penis in something warm that wasn't coming out of a microwave (for the male readers) or because you get to wear all sorts of cool skirts and comfy underwear and not get beat up for it (for the female readers). I do it out of love - I want to give you all I have, and if I can't, then I'm not gonna half ass it.

(And hey - at least I'm telling you this now, so you don't have to keep checking back)

So have a good day, and a wonderful evening, and we'll all meet back here tomorrow.

Jason MJPAE Mulgrew

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