Everything is wrong with me
Wednesday, December 15, 2004
some admin notes on the new site
- Thank you for all the feedback that you’ve offered on the site; please keep it coming. And don’t be afraid to really lay into the new set-up, because both Brendan and I are aware that we are amateurs at this, and we take criticism fairly well. However, if you hurt my feelings, so help me god I will burn your fucking house down. Test me - I dare you, cockass.

[For techie stuff, email Brendan at Brendan@jasonmulgrew.com. For any other suggestions or if you have an extra slice of pizza, email me at Jason@jasonmulgrew.com.]

- Speaking of email, boy - you guys are really digging that new email page, eh? I’m sorry if I haven’t gotten back to you yet, but I promise to do so as soon as possible (not that I say anything particularly clever when I respond to emails; maybe “So what’s your favorite number?” or “What do you like better: pooping or peeing?”)

- The “Spread the Word” page: please use this page. Not only because I want you to spread the word about the site, but also because you have no fucking idea how long I spent crafting an automated message that worked and was both funny to me and safe for work email. We’re talking hours here people, working harder on this than anything I’ve ever worked on anything. And sure, I could have done better if I was allowed to curse or use words like "mons pubis", but I feel pretty good about the result.

[And Brendan says that any email addresses you enter into the “Spread the Word” page will not be shared with anyone, but I would share these in a heartbeat for a good piece of cheese. Fortunately for you, I don’t really know how to access these emails, so no cheese for me I guess.]

- I will change the quotes in the intro every three weeks or so to keep it fresh, and will note it on the index page when I do so.

- You guys should use the “Bookmark This Site” function at the bottom of the index/homepage so that you don’t have to view or skip the intro each time. Or if you want to bypass both the intro and the homepage, bookmark the “Everything Is Wrong With Me” tab, since that’s the meat of the site and most similar to the old site.

- Thank you to the less than 1% of you who made a donation. You are truly special people. The other over 99% of you are on my shit list. Assholes. Either way, I'll keep this link up until after the holidays.

[I mean, less than 1%? Sure, I knew that everyone wasn't going to donate, and I was hoping only for maybe 5%, so that I could possibly stop eating fingernails for dinner. But less than 1%? Geez people - thanks a lot.]

To my friends who keep making donations to me for one cent or a nickel or ten cents and writing “Anal” or “2nd Place: Semen-Eating Contest” in the memo section of the donation, please stop. I get it, it’s funny - I get an email from Paypal saying that I have a donation, I get all excited, and then I see that it’s from one of my douchebag friends for two cents and “You are a fat bitch” is the memo. You are hilarious. FYI: Paypal has a fee, so I don’t even get the two cents, as it takes both of them as its fee. So stop already. Assholes.

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