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Wednesday, December 29, 2004
an award? - and your emails
I just spent all day writing a long, pedantic, unfunny post about the Mummer's Parade (a New Year's Day tradition in Philly of which I am a part of - comparable to Mardi Gras, it involves waking up at 5am and drinking until midnight in the process blacking out and trying to make out with your sort of hot cousin).

But then I saw that our little site has been nominated for some sort of award (and by "our" I mean "my" - I only use the first person to gain your familiarity and trust, so that one day I might invite you to a sleepover at my apartment, at which point I could touch you all over while you slept), so I'm gonna scrap it because it just ain't award-worthy, and does not contain a single joke about my tiny penis or retarded people.

The award is the Best of Blog (BoB) Awards for Snarkiest Blog. I have no fucking idea what "Snarkiest Blog" means, but if it means "Blog Written By Guy Who May Or May Not Stick His Thumb Up His Ass When He Masturbates", then I am fucking golden. Just fucking golden.

So go to the site and vote for me. I don't think I win anything cool, but whatever. You know how competitive I am (need I remind everyone of the 1988 Little League incident that caused a rule change that since requires everyone to wear a cup before, during, and after games).


I have been a complete scumbag in regard to emails, and am now hundreds (literally) of emails behind. I'm going to start writing back in earnest soon, I promise. One caveat: the interface/inbox of the new jason@jasonmulgrew.com email address doesn't always note if I replied to an email. Basically, if I replied to your email before and accidentally reply again, I'm sorry, but you'll just have to deal with it.

Now I have to get back to writing a long, boring post about something 95% of you have never heard of...

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