Everything is wrong with me
Friday, November 12, 2004
Well, the shit is hitting the fan. Searchmiracle has rendered my work computer essentially useless. The internet is barely working, slowed, stalling and crashing every five minutes, I can't get access to work stuff and databases that I need to access to do my job, and I'm getting super pissed off and I really have the runs (thank you Taco Bell leftovers for breakfast).

After speaking with the IT people this morning for almost an hour, the Big Dogs are being called in and they're going to do some major shit to my machine. So that means it's a matter of hours before I am unemployed.

Of course, after I lose my job because of this site, I will no longer be posting. Instead, I will spend hours aimlessly walking around Central Park, saying to myself, "You asshole - did you have to use your real name on a website about being a complete deviant? What the hell were you thinking? And really, you invited the IT people to come check out your computer? Are you fucking serious? You download at least three porn clips a day on your computer, and spend the rest of your time making stupid jokes about overeating and the homeless and overeating the homeless on a website. You are an asshole, a complete and total asshole, and you deserve to be unemployed. Now whose dick to I have to suck to get some pizza around here? I'm fucking starving already."

So that's all I got for today. I may try to post later (thought it's already almost 3), after the heat dies down, but I don't know if I'll be able to.

If I don't, have a good weekend. And, if I never post again, have a good life. If you see me outside your building, scruffy and dirty and taking a piss on your wall while humming the "Ghostbusters" theme to myself, give me a fucking dollar, or at least a little bit of a massage, will you?

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