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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
busy busy busy
I have to be very short today because I am muy busy (that's Spanish for "very busy"), but two quick notes:

1) My mid-term went ok. I needn't get too into the details lest I bore everyone to death, but I think I did just ok. At least it's over, and now I have a whole two months to do absolutely nothing academically before I have to cram again for the final. Morale: never learn from your mistakes. Really, that's for losers.

But thank you for all the emails and good karma. You guys never let me down, except in the sexual favors department. But I don't have the strength to get into that now...

2) I'm rocking a playoff beard. I noticed that the last time I shaved was the day the Sox won Game 4 at Fenway against the Yanks, and I haven't shaved since.

I don't really know why exactly, since, though I'm rooting for Sox so I can do some looting in Boston, I'm not a die-hard fan by any stretch. I guess I just want an excuse to go to work looking like a hobo, because man, do I look like shit. I usually have a half goatee (no moustache) to cover up my weak-but-triple chin and now I have this gross half-grown in beard growing around it. On top of that, I really need a hair cut. And my hair gets kinda weird and wavy when it's too long, so I have a giant Conan O'Brien-esque wave in the front of my hair. Half-goatee, scruffy beard, and Conan wave. Not my best look.


Yes, I know this post is terrible, but I told you that I'm busy.

Here, read this. It'll make you smarter and angrier, and there is nothing more dangerous than smart, angry people. Especially if they have sharp knives and are all coked up. Trust me - very dangerous.

(Thanks to Donnie Fiedler for the link)

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