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Thursday, July 01, 2004
thoughts from the IPod
I'm sitting here with my IPod on shuffle, and a few thoughts:

1) The late Big Pun's last hit, "It's So Hard", is a phenomenal song. This is due in no small part to Pun free styling over the chorus of the song, when he says, "It's hard work baby - I just lost a hundred pounds, I'm trying to live - I ain't goin' nowhere - I'm staying alive baby!"

Are you really, Pun? Are you really?

[Like I've said before, I know I'm going to hell so I can write this without fear of eternal damnation.]

2) I love the John Mayer song "Your Body Is a Wonderland". I hate him and all his other stuff, but I love that song. I'm not proud of this, but I love the song. I think it's because my roommates and I used to joke about it all the time:

[at a bar]
Jeremy: "Dude, here's your beer."
Me: "Thanks dude."
Jeremy: "No problem."
Me: "Hey -"
Jeremy: "What?"
Me: "Your body is a wonderland."
Jeremy: "Thanks dude."
[high five]

[at home eating dinner]
Brian: "These meatballs you made are delicious."
Me: "Thanks."
Brian: "Oh, I forgot to tell you something."
Me: "What?"
Brian: "Your body...I mean, it's a wonderland."
Me: "Thanks dude."

3) "Thinking About You" is probably my favorite Radiohead song.

4) The two greatest urban love songs of my generation: "Sweet Thing" by Mary J. Blige and "Me & My Girlfriend" by Tu Pac. (And I can use words like "urban" because I'm from the streets - biatch!)

5) Aerosmith stinks. In a Maxim interview a while back, Steven Tyler was asked where Aerosmith ranks in the rock pantheon. His reply, "Just below the Stones, above Led Zeppelin." That's like saying, "It's Jessica Simpson, then Kimmie Gibler, then Britney." Just above Led Zeppelin for a handful of good songs in the '70's, and truckloads of MTV pop-rock shit through the late '80's, '90's, and '00's? I don't think so Steven. Verdict? You stink. Props though for knocking up notorious '70's whore Bebe Buell and getting Todd Rundgren to raise your kid, Liv Tyler.

6) I dare you to listen to what I refer to as "The Holy Trinity of Winwood" ("Valerie", "Back in the High Life Again", and "The Finer Things") and not immediately get happy. It's impossible. Steve Winwood: your work during the '80's knows no peer, and you are truly a saint among men.

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