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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
The Ultimate Warrior?
I have been sitting here all day completely amazed and captivated by the website of the former WWF superstar, the Ultimate Warrior.

Know equally as being the only man to beat Hulk Hogan fairly (in the unforgettable Wrestlemania VI) and the Halloween costume for Jason Mulgrew for 1989, apparently the Ultimate Warrior is now a die-hard conservative. He even spoke recently to the students at Penn State at an event organized by the Young Americans for Freedom, also known as "Losers I Can't Be Friends With."

Why the hell is the Ultimate Warrior (who used to look like this) giving speeches about conservatism? In his words, "To inspire activists ... to get people who previously haven't paid attention to politics to start paying attention, and lastly to piss liberals off."

If I may: what the fuck?

He even is trying to start a movement, called Generation Warrior. Here's a snippet:

Society being but a collective of its individuals, its strength is only as strong as its weakest ones. Warrior individuals know that to counterbalance those who will take the path of least resistance -- and in turn do their best by society -- they must actualize the best of their Creator endowed selves. They do this not for the benefit of its weaker people (although all benefit) but to establish a greater province of safety for themselves and their loved ones, and to insure the continuance of mankind’s moral evolution, and to secure, for posterity’s sake, the continued bequeathment of man’s traditions and traditional history...

...Generation Warrior is the intellectual movement of that body of people recognizing this and educating others about it. And, is the humanly powered movement that fathers and mothers each successive generation of these warrior individuals.

He closes his missive with:
Mankind Survives by its Leaders.
All Leaders are Warriors.
Mankind Survives by its Warriors.


He also offers, for the nomial fee of $150, a training program called "Warrior OneonOne." If you fill out a detailed questionnaire, as well as send three photos, the Ultimate Warrior himself with send you a cassette tape of his voice, with instructions to better your work-out routine and diet plan.

I think I know what I want for my birthday.

You've got to check this out. It's amazing. And I have to stop looking at it, as I haven't moved from my chair for almost three hours. I mean, wow.

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