Everything is wrong with me
Friday, June 18, 2004
Whatever you people do for a living, you all should be fired. I've gotten a ton of emails from you all recently about sty treatments, how the Pixies really are awesome and I just don't get it, how Kiss does indeed suck, how Aretha Franklin must have a special toilet to do her business on, and just random general things.

And it's great - keep them coming (because I have so few friends in real life). I'm trying to think of ways to improve this site to make it more interactive, but that requires both creativity AND hard work, and, well...

Anyway, thanks for the emails, and I will respond to them all, though my responses may not make much sense or contain only curse words.

Another weekend is finally upon us, so remember:

1) Don't drink and drive

2) Try a new drug or cocktail

3) Thank your dad for making you the codeine-addicted, overweight, insecure, gambling mess you are today

[Wait, that last one's what I should thank my dad for. Sorry.]

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