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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
music and a joke
Please download these songs. I guarantee one of them will become your favorite. Trust me on this - I have AWESOME taste in music (not so much in women though).

- "A.M. 180" Grandaddy
- "Bubble Gum Years" Gomez
- "Protection" Massive Attack
- "My Heart Is the Bums On the Street" and "Feather Boa" Marah
- "These Dreams of You" Van Morrison
- "Enigmatic" and "Wait" Huffamoose
- "That's Just What You Are" Aimee Mann
- "Midnight Moon" and "Star Struck One" Smoking Popes
- "Dummy" Portishead
- "That's How Strong My Love Is" Otis Redding
- "Moon" Dada
- "Femme Fatale" and "Sad Song" Velvet Underground
- "I Won't See You" and "This Is Where You Ain't" Glenn Tilbrook
- anything by Ray Lamontagne

That should do.


Since there was nothing funny about this post, a joke:

A child molester and a kid are walking into a dark, scary forest together (the kid doesn't know the guy is a child molestar about to molest him). As they get deeper into the forest, the kid says, "Boy, I'm scared."

The guy looks at the kid and says, "You're scared? I gotta walk back alone!"

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