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Wednesday, June 09, 2004
mo' muzak
My friend Mal sent me a great response to my request for new music. After listing a bunch of stuff for me to check out, he wrote:

names of bands that dont yet exist:

- pontius pilate and the nail driving five;
- the gordie howe overture;
- the fuck shoes;
- lean elan;
- your dad's cunt;
- stop worrying about your drapes

names of law firms that may or may not exist:

- Sakstein, Sakstein, Sakstein, Sakstein & Lee;
- Fittery, Haebecker, Odwudinjo and Craswell;
- Butts, Butts, Early, Tuggle & Butts;
- Hornsby, Booblewitz, Hornsby & Blackwell;
- Hightower, Mahoney & Tackleberry PC;
- Venkman, Stanz, Spengler and Zeddemore, LLC.

I particularly like "Pontius Pilate and the Nail Driving Five", because I was in a band in college called "We Want Barrabas!", an alt-alt trio that featured me on bass and harmonica, and two other harmonicas players. We were considered pioneers of the alt-alt movement, as our only lyrics were racials slurs interspersed with "god damn it" and one time I exposed myself on stage (though not on purpose - if someone ever offers you a toke of a pipe and they have more tattoos than teeth, DON'T TAKE IT).

Just thinking this would be good for Don Fiedler and Co's project.

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