Everything is wrong with me
Wednesday, June 02, 2004
I just had to give a presentation to my co-workers about an Excel sheet that I use on a regular basis, which I have to help them get familiar with.

Long story short, the sheet has two colors in the header row: green and orange. Orange rows I fill in data for. Green rows the computer programs automates data for. I did not pick these colors - our IT guy did when he set up the sheet.

When I explained the colors to the group, one of my (male) co-workers interrupted and said the colors were not orange and green, but "pumpkin" and "lime."

Good lord.

Real men should know the following colors and the following colors only: black, white, silver, gray, gold, red, blue, green, white, purple, orange, yellow, brown.

That's it.

"Light" and "dark" can prefix these colors, but that's all. No exceptions.

If you know more colors, you are a total pussy.

Thank you.

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