Everything is wrong with me
Friday, May 07, 2004
It's now almost four, and I not only haven't left the apartment on this beautiful Friday afternoon, I haven't even put on pants yet.

After my last post, I feel asleep (understandably exhausted from the pancake consumption and the masturbation). I woke up and took a long shower, and listened to "Kokomo" about one-hundred times on full blast, breaking into a little dance each time the sax solo came around.

For the past thirty or so minutes I've been laying on the couch, shirtless, watching the History Channel, and eating Oreos. I'm almost through the bag, but I don't have any plans once I'm finished. I'm guessing there will be another masturbatory session, this time at my roommate's computer (he is at work - sorry Ben).

Yeah, I've got nothing. But now I am really tired from all this typing, so I think it's time for another nap.

I love having off. I love even more completing wasting that time off.

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