Everything is wrong with me
Wednesday, May 05, 2004
three things that bother me
1) Braille. Have you ever run your fingers over the Braille "translation" of a public sign? It begs the question: who are we kidding with Braille? That's not letters - they're fucking bumps. Seriously, next time you see a Braille sign, feel it. That's not letters or words. No way. Braille is a fraud.

2) Those Sam Adams commercials. How creepy is the guy playing Sam Adams? It's very uncool, and it really doesn't make me want to buy their beer. What was cool was their ad campaign for Sam Adams Light - for a time, my friends and I would order them at bars, take a sip, then yell, "Yeah!" Now that's an ad campaign, not some creepy dude dressed up like a Colonial Williamsburg mother fucker saying, "Always a good decision."

3) Peter Gammons constantly mentioning music my little sister listens to in his ESPN articles. Peter, you are a seventy year-old baseball reporter. You don't need to finish every article you write talking about how great John Mayer's new cd is, or quoting lines from Jack Johnson in your articles. Please, give it a rest. Thank you.

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