Everything is wrong with me
Thursday, May 06, 2004
technical difficulties
Yesterday, I had some technical difficulties with the site and couldn't post in the afternoon, and some of you emailed and said you couldn't access it. For this I am sorry, but there's really no use in complaining to the people who run the site, because this shit is free. Also, I'm not good at complaining, because while doing so the slightest thing will set me off, and that usually means some sort of racist remark follows, irregardless of the person's race.

Me: "Yeah, there's a problem with my blog."
Them: "Well, it's a free site, sir, we don't have customer service."
Me: [inordinately angry, yelling, and sweating] "Hey, don't get mad at me because you're Jewish!"
Them: "I'm not Jewish sir, I'm Christian."
Me: "Yeah, whatever - dick."

Also, on a lighter note, "happy birthday" wishes to Dana (4/29), Mark (4/30), Nevin (5/2), Julie and Marji (5/5 - not twins), Jeni (5/6), Bill (5/7), and Joe and Lara (5/9 - not twins either).

I am such a good friend.

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