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Monday, May 03, 2004
god damn it Meadow
I hate to repeat myself, but it can not be said enough: Jamie Lynn DiScala is the worst actress in all of the entire universe. Her performance last night on "The Sopranos" was downright laughable. That bit about how her dad's friends have "modes of aggression" from the "Old World" had my roommates and I in stitches (and sure, we were super high, but still).

How can of the producers/directors of the show yell "Cut!" after a scene of hers and be satisfied? You're telling me they don't know that she projects as much life as a corpse (and one that's been dead a long, long time)? Seriously, she's about as believable as I was that one Thanksgiving when I was all fucked up on 'ludes and I told my cousin Lindsay that I had never thought of giving a guy a hand job (I mean, of course I've thought about it - who hasn't?). They could bring in a donkey to play Meadow for the rest of the season and I think it'd be better. And I'm not talking like a smart donkey here who can jump through hoops or juggle or do basic math - just a normal, plain old donkey.

God damn it - I don't know why I get so worked up about this. Does anyone agree with me?

I mean, shit.

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