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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
god bless
God bless this person (a female), who emailed me re: my Upper Hand post of Monday:

I still think you have the upper hand. Guys always get drunk and try to get their ex-girlfriends to sleep with them. This has happened to me and many of my friends more than a few times, so it really ISN'T a big deal. But you still have the upper hand because her calling you on the anniversary of your break-up is much weirder than you asking her to go home with you. That's kind of crazy.
Most of the emails I've gotten regarding this have said one of two things: "Yeah, you definitely lost the upper hand" or "You blew it, but you can blame it on the booze." But this one is really wonderful, and hits the nail on the head of the point I was trying to make: it's not a big deal. Not at all. Once you sleep with someone, it shouldn't be a big deal to sleep with them again. Sure, I was drunk and I was stupid, but whatever - I stand by my drunkeness.

[FYI: The same applies with making out - once you've made out with a person, it's ok to make out with them again, and you shouldn't have to work very hard to do so. That's the rule. I didn't make it up; I just enforce it.]

I encourage the reader who wrote this to email me again with her mailing address, so I can send her a check for $40 for cheering me up, because it's been a pretty crappy day (by the time I got down to the cafeteria to grab some lunch, the frozen yogurt machine was out of vanilla, so you can imagine the pain I'm in right now).

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