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Thursday, May 06, 2004
awesomeness at work
Apparently, when you get to a superior position or a position of authority in work, you lose that part of your brain that recognizes that things take time to be done correctly. I was just given an ass-load of comments on a presentation I prepared for a partner, and was working on integrating his illegible and often unhelpful comments when he called:

Him: "How's the presentation going?"
Me: "Good. I should be done in 30-45 minutes."
Him: "Doesn't work for me. I need something in 15 minutes."
Me: "Um, ok, but I'm still working through the draft, and then I have to enter this into our database and the program takes a while to get the changes and - "
Him: "I need something in 15 minutes."
Me: [sigh] "I'll try."
Him: "Tha-" [trying to get out "Thanks", but hanging up on me half-way through].

Twelve minutes later, the phone rings:
Him: "I need to see something."
Me: "Um, ok, I'll print what I have and bring it around."

In his office, he reviews the changes that I've only partially input:
Him: [exasperated, frustrated] "This needs a lot of work."
Me: "Well, I'm not finished with it yet."
Him: "Why did you bring me something that's not finished?"
Me: "Because you said you needed it."
Him: "I do need it, and I still don't have it. Finish it, and bring it back in 15 minutes."

So that's where are now. I'm expecting a call, oh, in about twenty seconds, but I've spent the last 15 minutes on the phone, and writing this (I don't deal well with pressure I guess).

Sometimes I wonder why I work at all, instead of quitting, and starting my own dog-walking business. Oh wait, I'm terrified of dogs. That's right.

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