Everything is wrong with me
Wednesday, April 14, 2004
three points
1) Remember this name: Ray Lamontagne. This guy is going to be big. I have a a buddy in the music business, and he gave me his cd "Trouble" to listen to. I don't think he's even been signed, and I might get my friend in trouble for talking about him. The music is awesome. Think David Gray, but from Maine. I think the story is that this guy was working in a shoe factory in Maine and said "fuck it" and quit his job and made this awesome cd, and now there's this huge bidding war over him. Check him out when you get the chance, especially "Hold You in My Arms" and "Narrow Escape." I mean, wow.

2) My coworker sent me an email this morning telling me she had a dream in which I told her I was gay. In her words, "I was washing my hands at a sink and you told me. A bunch of people and you and I were at a dinner thing and there we gay guys there. I don't remember who else was there...I have NO idea where this came from."

What the fuck? I can't catch a break, even in people's dreams?

3) Got another joke:

Q: What's the best part of dating a homeless girl?
A: You can drop her off anywhere!

Get it? Because she doesn't have a home!

God I love that one.

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