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Monday, April 12, 2004
The Sopranos
A few quick things about "The Sopranos":

1) Does anyone else think the theme song is really stupid? Until today, I thought they were saying, "Woke up this morning, got a boom-boom in your eye". Isn't a "boom boom" the term you use when a baby shits itself? I looked up the lyrics this morning and it turns out they're saying, "Blue moon in your eye." Still, I think it's really dumb.

2) AJ and Meadow have to be the two worst working actors in Hollywood. I can't think of anyone worse, or anyone even close to their level of badness. I know Meadow had that Heidi Fleiss movie recently, and though I didn't see it, I could hear it (I was running around the apartment doing stuff), and she didn't sound very convincing. Also, my roommates saw it and said it was terrible.

I think these two were the last people cast for the show. A couple of years ago, the producers had this new show, and they were running late on their production schedule, and said, "Oh - to hell with it. Just get anyone to play AJ and Meadow. Who knows if the show will be a hit anyway?" I was hoping that when Meadow went to college, she would go the way of Denise Cosby (a la "The Cosby Show", not "A Different World" - if Meadow got her own show, I'm afraid of what I might do to myself), but no such luck.

3) How uncomfortable were the sex scenes between Carmella and AJ's advisor (including the - hello! - gratuitous ass shot)? Good lord - I've seen snuff films that were more watchable. Not that they are particularly unattractive people, but there was just something not right about those scenes, on so many levels.

Ugh - I'm getting chills just thinking about them.

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