Everything is wrong with me
Friday, March 05, 2004
astrology in medicine
I just got back from the doctor and I was sitting there filling out the insurance form when I noticed that next to the space for "Date of Birth" it had a space for "Sign" - as in astrological sign. I went over to ask the receptionist about this and she was like, "Yeah, um, you can just ignore that."

Sign? Fucking sign? Are you kidding me? How can I have faith in the medical knowledge of a doctor who considers my astrological sign "important patient information"? "Well, Jason, I was going to give you these antibiotics to take three times a day, but I see that you are a Cancer and I know that Saturn is being ruled by the moon right now, so instead I want you to take these leetches and apply them to your forehead, armpits, and groin twice a day for an hour over the next five days. Also, you will be reunited with a long-lost love on Tuesday and your lucky numbers are 8, 26, and 943."

I think it's safe to say that whatever STD I have will probably be getting worse over the next couple of days.

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