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Saturday, February 14, 2004
Valentine's Day Dinner
So I had Valentine's Day dinner with my mom and dad and -
Wait a minute. I thought you said your parents are divorced?
Well, they are. But now, they're friends. And it wasn't a romantic dinner. We just went to a diner that my dad really likes.
That's kinda weird.
Yeah, I know. They didn't really get along for quite some time after the divorce, but after a while they started talking.
I didn't ask for your whole life's story. Jesus Christ.
Well, I was just answering your question. Ass.

Anyway, so I had dinner with my mom and dad at this diner in South Jersey that both my parents like. What follows is a verbatim exchange from the dinner:
Dad: "You should really check out that salad bar."
Me: "Really?"
Dad: "Yeah, the got all the best ingredients for a good salad: eggs, cheese..."
Mom: "Croissants..."
Me: "Croissants?"'
Dad: "Yeah, they're really good here."
Mom: "You know, croissants. The little squares of bread that go in the salad."
Me: "Mom, they're croutons. Not croissants."
Mom: "Same thing."
Dad: "Jase, don't be a dick."

Happy fucking Valentine's day.

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