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Sunday, February 22, 2004
Public Service Announcement #3
This is a good time to introduce a new term: Mask of Shame. When you do something regrettable or shameful, you must wear the Mask of Shame. It's sort of like an award for poor behavior the previous night. This isn't an actual mask; the only thing it means it that others can yell at you and say things like, "Put on your Mask of Shame!" and "Get the Mask of Shame from the mantle and bring it to him!" and the like.

For example, Mike, after throwing up all over our apartment, had to wear the Mask of Shame the next day and on the train ride home. Every time he'd try to explain or apologize for his actions this morning (well, actually this afternoon), we'd say "I can't hear you through the Mask of Shame, Mike" and "I don't know if you can see what you've done to the apartment, because the Mask of Shame has such small eye holes, but it's a fucking mess."

If Mike hadn't upstaged me, I would have certainly had to wear the Mask of Shame for getting completely stonewalled by Missy (thank you for at least that, Mike).

So, there you have it: Mask of Shame. Sure, it's stupid, but so are we.

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