Everything is wrong with me
Monday, February 23, 2004
ouch - talk about uncomfortable
Just had this conversation with an older co-worker, who took a long weekend to visit his family outside DC:

Me: "How was the long weekend?"
Him: "Well, kinda tough. It was my younger sister's birthday, and my mother died recently, so it was tough not having her around - my father died when we were very young. And now my older sister is dying, and she's always been, you know, the fiery one of the siblings, so it was a new family dynamic, as now I sort of have to be the leader of the family, and it was really strange...."

Good GOD man. I was looking for a simple, "relaxing" or "nice to get out of the city." That's the last time I ask anyone how their weekend was - ever. Not the best way to start a Monday morning. Maybe I should give him some of my Xanax?

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